Passport Photos

A passport photo is not all the same

Contrary to widespread opinion, the requirements for biometric passport photos vary widely depending on the intended use and country.

Almost every country has its own standard – even within the EU.

A biometric passport photo for a German identity card, for example, is already significantly different from a biometric passport photo for the Netherlands.

As a company that has been based in Berlin for many years, we not only offer the creation of biometric photos according to German standards, but our professionals are familiar with and have mastered the most diverse requirements of various nations.

Every day we produce biometric passport photos for ID documents and visas for corresponding applications at almost all embassies and consulates in Berlin and other locations.

In doing so, we always put you in the right light and make sure, as far as possible, that the photos do not become too technical and impersonal, despite compliance with all necessary requirements. We also guarantee the acceptance of the passport photos we produce.

Do you need biometric passport photos according to German standards and you cannot come to us personally or you are not from Berlin? Then use the online ordering system for biometric passport photos and simply take the pictures yourself. After successful verification we will produce the pictures and you will receive them conveniently delivered to your home.